Bryan, Lazareth, Marc K, Dimitris, Pavel, Dom, Piotr, George W, Gary D amongst others have written about the President McKinley EU. I will if I may reply directly here as to send all an email will take a long time. My answers are pretty much as before due to the fact I’ve nothing really to tell you.

Price: I don’t know, nothing is anywhere. Best ask a dealer

Availability: I heard was May but now the scent has gone quiet

No KC Shift: It’s a legal multi-norm so doesn’t need it! Extended mode (“,) don’t worry

Power: 4 watts AM/FM and 12 watts SSB (It’s a multi-norm CB) but has heatsink

It’s an Anytone: It’s a Uniden

Engineered: France, Spain, Catalonia, Belgium and across EU plus of course Japan

Nothing helpful I can tell you. I’m checking dealer pages, looking for any hints or indeed anything. It says “Coming Soon” so we’ve got to wait… Who knows maybe some AM/FM jumped the line so we wait longer.

Honestly I don’t know!!

When President seem quiet trust me they are up to something quietly and secretly Throughout history they are silently working. I never imagine this to change.

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6 thoughts on “*SORRY! NO NEWS* McKinley EU

  1. Hi Simon
    Yeah your right It’s got that old Lincoln feel … I really don’t care about the echo I just want a high end radio for the car I think it will be better for me than the grant In my car as I use the radio for 10/11…. EG 28 443 or 27 552 You know what I mean Best 73s


    • Hi Matt. I agree with you. I think SPAN is really the only way to go now with radios that have frequency display and not channelized. I’ve said ALWAYS and I’ve told in France the Grant II needed ability to make 544,543,603 etc and not limited to 0/5 but all radios are made at a cost. I’ve hopes for the McKinley and they are mostly high hopes.

      I know 12 guys nearby who’ve pre-ordered them so must be getting closer to the trigger being pulled. Size and front speaker I like



  2. Hi Simon
    Looking forward to this new radio because it has the Span function unlike the grant .I think it being a Uniden radio will be Hi end quality CB radio I will use it in Export mode so I can use it in 11/10 meter mode?????? THANKS for all Info.
    BEST 73s


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