*NEW* Superstar SS-158 FB4

An incredibly busy week got busier!! Thijs from http://www.cbradio.nl has launched a new radio this afternoon via his twitter account. The specification as quoted by CB Radio Netherlands is 100 watts AM, 100 watts FM and 400 watts SSB. I’ve not seen this one anywhere but seems interesting and indeed Thijs is quoting a guideline price of €575 for the radio. Take a look at his website for more information. Guess it’ll be marketed by Palomar Electronics. And remember if you buy for use in the EU get a technician to have a look at it as maybe it’s not so hot on FM mode.

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11 thoughts on “*NEW* Superstar SS-158 FB4

  1. FM will def need some work on it (assuming same pcb inside,not confirmed?),generally its set up wrong for EU\UK specs,lot of the Ranger stuff set up for 25khz channel spacing FM Mandated FCC specs for Ham (USA still have not switched to Narrow FM in 10m band in USA and FM is not reconsidered officially in USA on CB band),I corrected the SS-158EDX-EU-V2 ,Would need to see internals ,till ill make a comment on this set,as may have all new innards\PCB?
    IF it is the same PCB,then yes it can be optimized for UK specs (2.50khz Max ) or EU specs (2.00khz max) for FM use via modification to set to get best FM-Narrow performance in TX and RX as already done this and have a working sample unit.
    The SS-158-EDX was a bit more involved than just a deviation tweak to get it to sound right for UK\EU CB use,but results paid off in end,I only ever rebuilt 2 test-bed versions,I have Ver 2.0 still.

    I hope they put rear fan coolers & Larger heat-sink on this set to keep it cool,esp 100 Watts FM Yikes!
    at 30 watts FM ,I had to use twin forced air fan coolers (high rpm) for high duty cycles!
    I did send Ranger USA a lot of info on this,but no response,may of been due to take over?

    More info needed really and pictures so can study set before I can really comment technically Simon.

    Will be interesting to see what the new owners bring out..soon but nice too see a upgraded ,my soldering iron already warmed up and waiting!

    Rob P
    RP Comms UK


  2. It the real world price at today’s conversion rates.
    And i agree it just too much for a 80’s CB with extra power and if your lucky the first scratches from the box.


  3. Hi Simon
    Sorry at 575 euros for a Ranger board radio I think it’s way to much , you can buy a HF radio at that price, A FT450d is only £599 new…. A good Second hand HF radio is about £300,,,,,, Just my thought’s



    • Hi Matt.

      Agreed but if you consider a RCI-2970N4 at Bells is $700 that’s €618 plus can come dinged from factory, junk on FM and “Ranger Boarded” so the €575 that Thijs says is in the ballpark of what it could be.. Plus duty, import taxes, postage.

      Fools and there money are easily parted. I can already imagine hearing them on the 19 😩



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