Hello, Please, Dear, Hi, Thank You

Blogs six years old and ever increasingly I’m receiving messages from the contact on the blog which have absolutely no courtesy OR from people too lazy or maybe even stupid to search the modifications area. So from today they’ll be deleted and will receive no response. Blogs old enough to loose people and move on!

Quotes from UK:

Hurry along with the software I’m waiting

Send me the modification quickly

I’ve wrote before now it’s not funny hurry up

I got a radio, send me the manual in pdf and which potties to turn up power

I have a radio, the factory never made it how I like it (return it)

Quote From USA

Send me the limiter or AMC modification (told two days before there isn’t one)

You tubers less featured..

I’m stopping to feature some YouTube channels as to be honest I’ve featured too many and too many of those don’t even say thank you! One of them was recently writing it’s all his own work, no freebies and no help at all!! Hmm no memory as was featured more than 30 times.


Don’t ask me for software. So often I’m told “softwares free I’m not wasting my money” BUT some of us pay for software. If your known to me and decent I’ll help as always. If your an idiot then you are not deserved of my time. Time costs money! So does software.

Sergei, Paul, Mike, Lester

Believe or not my name is SIMON and the blog is Simon the wizard. SO anyone who writes “Hi Sergei I bought an EQ from you” or “Hey Mike I’d like a channel king board for my Uniden” you’ll be ignored. My name is Simon, learn from it as you’ll never get a response.

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4 thoughts on “Hello, Please, Dear, Hi, Thank You

  1. These people should appreciate what you do just running the blog.

    Wise move to ignore and delete on your part.

    IF they don’t have the ability to research the hobby to their own benefit without bothering others then it has to be said they deserve no help when they wont help themselves.

    As above, you do a great job fuelling our hobby as it is and all I can do is offer you a thank you!.

    Best 73’s always………



  2. they show no respect to what Simon does you are doing a great job Simon. and never let the 0 IQ lot spoil it
    take care good friend best regards 73s


  3. hey Sergei,

    The nerf on people these days.
    I know Paul, that you do great work.
    But Mike, they actually think they have the right to speak like that to people.
    I think it’s not done to address people like that Lester.
    But like Rob said, Keep up the good work, and Simon?
    I hope you at least see the fun in those idiots 😉

    Best Regards,
    19RF534 (club)


  4. Hi Simon,

    Well said.
    Keep up the good work.
    No need to spend your valuable time on dummies 🙂




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