*ANYTONE AT-500M* Next Steps

Many of you have asked me about this radio, an awful lot of people! Below I’ve listed all I know at the moment and it doesn’t include any name of companies who’ll stock it. The radio is some way from being ready and at the moment a handful of radios have been prepared and are heading to resellers to have a look at.

Release Date:



Expect the usual suspects


It gets messy here as the radio can come with huge amount of options. It’s dependent on the reseller to what they add or don’t add. Options include CTCSS, DCS, Repeater Shift, Echo*, dYna and ELec Mike selection option, 12/24v, UK in extended, 7 Color Display, VOX and other options no doubt.

*Echo = To Be Confirmed

So the above depends on what the reseller chooses. Some maybe all, and those who want sell cheap then nothing added!

What’s interesting to know is that so many are interested in this radio all samples have gone and some will remain radio free until further ones are produced. BUT what we don’t want as users is 6 identical radios with a different name and maybe one option more or less. This radio has a good chance to be a good radio, but if every company has it with just a different front and programming then for many the interest will go!

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  1. Yes agree Dealers need to wake up too changing CB market instead of same old ,same old.
    I know this radio very well and its capabilities and options available
    and why these could enhance cb operations further to end user.

    So Ive listed a few and reasons ,depending on area locations and regulations in place

    CTCSS\DCS-Mix mode or single mode
    Closed groups Nets -Just like PMR-446 CH19-19 (tone)
    Less QRM in Urban Areas where Noise floor ,lifts squelch and loud noise wont be heard any more!

    Simplex repeaters (protection from opening up on any signal)-can use in all hear simplex semi duplex tones combo to get a semi duplex style channel from a simplex channel
    So how do we use a Simplex channel for semi-duplex use (all stations must go thru your base repeater only)?
    set up easy set your mobile or hand portable as follows
    CH15 CB-TX DCS mobile\HT (ie Randy III) ch-15-D1 (DCS=023N) encoder
    CH15 CB RX CTCSS mobile\HT(ie Randy III) ch-15-01 (67.0Hz) decoder

    So CB displays on screen
    CH-15-D1 this requires a DCS code 023N to open up receiver mute and hear station and you wont here anyone else.
    When PTT press ,radio transmits your voice+ DCS Tone 023N
    when you release RX radio needs to see a tone transmitted back at CTCSS Tone 67.0Hz to open speaker.
    Only the base unit will hear you on channel,mobiles or handsets will just see a busy signal ,usally the Busy lamp,but no sound.
    so you know channel is active
    Further more by using the Busy Channel Lock out feature ,this will prevent accidental talking over your system

    Now set up your CB base UNIT Parrot station in reverse order so can speak back to your programmed mobile\HT units

    CH15 CB-TX CTCSS Base ch-15-01 (67hhz) Encoder
    CH15 CB RX DCS Base ch-15-D1 (DCS=023N) Decoder

    turn on your Parrot hardware\software on base unit hooked up

    Talk on your mobile ,base opens up as correct tone seen,records your audio,when you release ptt on mobile,it will wait a predetermined time,then rebroadcast back out over air ,opening all mobiles up on correct tone
    Mobile to Mobile unit wont hear hear you ,so only hear rebroadcast message once! instead of twice!

    Of coarse you can program your cb so everyone hears by using CTCSS encode\decode of same tones
    CTCSS\DCS will stop your base unit opening up to any CB traffic so keeping it quiet.

    so theirs some advantages to using using CTCSS\DCS (single or split mode tones) on a CB radio
    bit like PMR 446

    Personally I think its about time more use of CTCSS is used like PMR-446 system as would help stop noise floor on 27mhz opening your radio up all the time due to QRM locations,making comms a lot easier to user.
    Im sure with time users will adapt a similar system as PMR-446 users in popular channels
    CH14-14 Tone
    CH19-19 Tone

    Also ROIP gateways can be better protected when running FRN,eQSO,Zello

    That’s just one example of feature of what AT-500M and many other can do

    Repeater Split shift + or – is another option -Very handy if radios used on 10Metre Band FM,plus the optional CTCSS\DCS tones
    Some EU countries now support CB repeaters with the shift offset function

    Shift up (XX No of channels or freq ie 0.020Khz)
    Ch-01 RX and TX Ch-40
    VFO Mode
    RX 29.660Mhz
    TX 29.560 TX CTCSS encode 88.5Hz

    Very handy for a low cost CB repeater mobile or base or 10m Ham mobile in FM mode.
    Just a small example of whats really available,and how it could be used to enhance CB or 10m features to end users.
    You can also request options like Simon mentioned too -5Khz shift,High power mode,Clipped FM TX,Wide 2.50khz /Narrow FM 2.00khz Deviation (firmware update)for UK and Europe

    More function pins on Microphone for interfacing-ie ROIP or Repeater Interfacing (options)
    Busy flag (COS)TTL Output- 5V =signal 0V=No signal
    EXT PTT,-Mutes front mic
    AF Fixed (squelched) audio OUT
    (check with MFR’s maybe special version request)

    This is just scratching surface of what this set is capable of doing ,BUT it needs the dealers imagination to bring this feature rich set to life or not and back to same old ,old. and nothing really new to offer.

    I know the manufactures of this radio are keen to listen ,but you got to ask and not take it on face value.
    User have also got to understand “cheap”isnt always best if you want high end features to enhance CB and move it up a level from same old,then that reflects in the price,but at same time it can also improve more useful features not seen on cb radios before pushing the bar up and modernizing them!

    If you want enhanced features let the dealers know,we dont live in the dark ages anymore email,ring,Skpe etc
    Most manufacturers will show option on they websites I recently noted ,so that’s a good source if there something you like to see added.
    Most you can pop an email too to find out,mention it to your local dealer and ask them,some maybe totally unaware?
    Point them to Simon’s blog page..enough users have been saying this about new features needed for CB/12-10Metre radios.

    CTCSS\DCS use on CB in same format as PMR 446,a definite plus+ feature once it catches on with Users
    is something I would like to see more off personally and a defector CB standard in 2019
    Keeping the radio (noise free) quiet when driving in high QRM areas\noise floor and when using it or keeping a channel quiet,def a game changer.,it wont rid QRM but least cannot hear it when driving around high noise areas,drives you crackers!

    And for ROIP gateways\Parrots usage (protection of gateways),in the same manner used in VHF UHF bands.

    Hams could also benefit of a reasonable low cost 10m FM mobile with Higher RF Power CTCSS \DCS and the repeater shift ,-5 or 0khz shift,VFO feature built in on At-500,it may improve 10m FM activity on the bands,plus the Am mode available.
    Build a low cost semi duplex 10m repeater (two sets hooked up via mic jack and special cable) or Radio gateway (ROIP)?

    Sorry to ramble on but thought I would give some inspirations of ideas what can be done on the NEW version At-500M CB or 10m Ham Bands with this set,it may not be everyone’s cup of tea and just want cheap & simple and nothing new,but thought least make Enthusiast\Dealers what it capable of doing and more when requests go to the factory,best place to ask..

    I haven’t had a new V2 sample to look at yet (ver 1.0 yes) so cannot really comment on that.. but I do know this new version can be very feature rich if requested,plus many new hardware enhancements now added,
    I have also requested to take on-board hardware improvements and extra features in the updated design catering for UK market band with FM side.
    again this is with the engineer to evaluate and decide if they want to implement,plus other’s have also requested certain features as well in the feedback system.

    I hope dealers do indeed start asking the Q&A now? …Wait & see Simon.

    Id really like to see CB move on a bit in tech wise and practical user feature’s that actually enhance the operation of set
    ,all i can say is best of luck to them in China and the new At-500M version
    could be a little winner of a feature packed multi role set if done right !
    and offer a step up to your normal hum drum Am\FM CB radio too.,,Simon

    73’s Rob P


  2. looks a good radio but as you say it might change but I hope not we have to just wait and see


    • I’m worried that a large amount of sellers will have it and just add or take away an option and add a new front. The CRT S Mini V3 is close to it with power and frequency although not any signal meter on the S Mini


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