OK! It’s been advertised for a while now and I’ve here a sample from a dealer of the soon to be released President McKinley EU. As we all know the price is still to be confirmed and I’m informed the radio “will maybe come” during the month of June. Below a small video, a few photos and more will come early next week after the radio has left. Just need some sporadic-e now and luck..

Video Link: https://youtu.be/e-4ExMctA1U

Not much to say as it’s just arrived for the weekend. SSB Receive sounds nice, it receives identical QRM on SSB as ALL radios including Grant Premium, McKinley USA and Jackson II so it’s fine. Outside of home will be quieter.

Echo Sounds like a Sadelta style, a mix between ME-3 and Teardrop style of warmth.

Got a question send it across and I’ll try to find the answer.

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  1. Hi Simon,

    My comment was based on ‘I believe negative Murata and export mode’

    but your reply echo’s my thoughts also.

    have a great weekend.

    73’s Dean


    • I believe negative Murata and export mode I’ll work on it. As it’s not mine I need to ask approvals from the dealer and it’ll return back Monday

      Export Mode I’ll work on it 😎🤓


  2. Just as an additional note….
    After President giving us the Grant 11 premium and the new Walker and brilliant Richard..I just can’t see them producing a radio that won’t have an export option.
    It wouldn’t make sense.


  3. We have waited so long for this radio to arrive.
    With ALL that is going for it, if it has no export mode?, I fear it wont sell too well in the UK as so many old school DXer’s abide by 27.555 and 26.285

    EU band is good on high channels on LSB when conditions are good…


    Export is a ‘must be’

    I fear after waiting for this radio to appear, I wont be purchasing it if export mode isn’t available if it cant be modded.

    It does look like a very refreshing bit of kit though!. Still very promising and good for those in the EU…hence McKinley EU eh?

    73’s as always,



    • Who said there is no export mode? I wrote “the radio isn’t mine” so I’m careful about clumping around inside a non released, non owned radio.

      UK isn’t the world. Sadly in many places people wouldn’t even attempt to open it up. It’s been proved to me by dealers some nations use as is, never even consider unlocking them. I thought initially not true but it’s true! People keep the warranty and not immediately loose it by modifying it.

      Maybe you don’t buy it then! Who knows! When and if I get the permission to clunk around in it then we will know. BUT think about it. You really think there is nothing else inside??


  4. Hi Simon
    Just a quick thought will this radio come with a ceramic MuRata filter and will there be a video of it in export mode?


    • Hi Matt

      I believe negative Murata and export mode I’ll work on it. As it’s not mine I need to ask approvals from the dealer and it’ll return back Monday. If nothing comes of it please use contact on Monday and I’ll let you know what I know about export mode.
      73s Simon


  5. Hi Simon
    Thanks for the update on the Mckinley it looks like real nice radio and I think it looks quite professional like the kenwood 281 / yaesu ftm 3200 etc. 73s


  6. Hi Simon hope your well? Kevin near Shaftesbury here! 26fb095

    Now that i do like!! Front speaker din mount ssb radio!! About time President! 🙏🏻


    • Hi Kevin awesome to read you

      EU Band SSB with Himalaya WB standard power 56LR006 had me 4/4 5/3 on the 9-11 watts from the radio

      AM Mode channel 16 EU Palermo and other places all recorded and will be on YouTube when can get it added.


  7. A very good radio looks ok sound great and with UK 40 that will please many and Ssb and Am might be looking to up great soon.


    • It really puts me off many of the newer radios when the controls look ‘cheap’. I don’t mind if the radio costs £100 but when you have to shell out nearer £300 you expect a bit of quality.

      The controls on the Grant 2 were acceptable but on the Jackson 2 Chrome they were simply awful.

      I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the price is…


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