President Taylor IV What’s it about?

Below is a small update about the Taylor IV. A video will follow however in a little while as I’ve been hit by the curse of the radio man! Voice has gone!! For many it’s a blessing but when recording something it’s not. Soon the meantime below I’ll answer some of the things people have messaged me about and down the line a video will show the rest.

Taylor IV

All new board, small and tidy inside with no variables at all. Sincere lack of components so the radio will last very long. It’ll be on/off, channel change and display possibly to be worn out before radio internals.


Yes, Mid, Hi, low and UK. It’s awesome to see the @ channels in the correct order and labeled with @ in the display. Oh and yes the t0/t5 option is available for countries that use the 5 and 0 ending channels. ( A, B, C ) For me I’d have liked A-L but it’s a homage to original Taylor and so understood.


The new President case with the embossed name on the top. Quite heavy and well made.


Difficult subject as laws are laws and the radio confirms with them so some will call the radio quiet on FM. It’s the law! AM which is where CB was made for its loud, has indeed some swing and with standard sounds fine. It’s sounds better with an Astatic Teardrop or Palomar SL-41 but mikes are your own choice.


Receive was good. Sadly not so many people around on EU band but some taxi service on 27 AM and sounded fine across the kilometers.


As Markus N says “wait and see”

Around 20 watts FM can be achieved I’ve found but it’s not so simple and hidden cleverly by smart engineers. Your dealer will sort you out IF you need it that’s sure.


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