**BOOM** McKinley EU €319*

Thijs from http://www.cbradio.nl has been busy again! This time we hear that in Belgium the McKinley EU is expected the week after next for €319. That’s different to what I was informed on the price but we’ve got the link below so go and take a look. Expect to see the Modifications, the test mode and all things here just as soon as a radio arrives and then I’m on the case!

* Advertised price but it could drop it says online.

Link: https://ers.be/mc-kinley/

And the words they used:

President Mc Kinley….

Hij is op komst, na volgende week waarschijnlijk bij ons op voorraad (als eerste zaak van België en Nederland)

President Mc Kinley….

He’s coming, after next week probably with us in stock (as the first case of Belgium and the Netherlands)

Congratulations Thijs!!!! Another First…

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  1. IF the radio can be modded for expanded frequencies and is as good as the US version for RX/TX and SSB performance then I’d be willing to pay maybe $229 US for one but (300 EURO=$335 US) is ridiculous when the Lincoln II+ is $249 US. The US McKinley is $179 which is overpriced as it is compared to the Lincoln or Uniden 980 ($140). Yes, I might be willing to pay $200-$220 for this EU version if it has the extra frequencies but only because I love the performance, usability, and style (and front firing speaker) of the President McKinley US version more than my Lincoln II.

    If it doesn’t have extended TX mods for (27.555 USB) then it’s a dealbreaker and they likely won’t see any sales outside of Europe.


  2. Yikes!!!! €319 = £280 + Rip Off Britain Added Value could mean £300…. If true they’ll be lucky to sell any in the UK.


    • I dont agree delboy if it stands out from the rest in the market it will be a seller if its performance is the same as the rest then you maybe might be right but I do believe it’s a uniden made and not made in China maybe Simon can shine some light on that but early days to criticize only time will tell


    • Hi Robert. It’s made in Vietnam by Uniden but engineering and thoughts are EU.

      The price has been discussed too long. Prices from £220 till £400. A little knowledge is not great as actually nobody knows it completely. I was told €249 and I’ve seen it advertised via Facebook for €255.

      I saw a non complete dealer radio, so guess things will have changed till production. All the secrets are ready to release, all hidden things mapped out. Videos are made, ready for release. BUT I need the one I bought to come in the post then it can be seen if it’s the same as it looked before.

      President sell everywhere so if it sells 200 pieces in the UK it maybe sells 20,000 in Spain or Portugal. It’s hard to damn something not available.

      I don’t like iPhone 17. Not because of any reason but don’t like it! Time will tell but it’s going to sell shed loads according to mainland EU dealers I’ve asked about it in the last few days.


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