*LAST UPDATE* Hawkins Radio SSD5/8

So I promised that I’d give a final update on whether I was able to work much on the antenna and here is the update. Bare in mind the conditions over the last few days have been good, although today Sunday they seem to have become less than the past days. Below is a list of the countries worked. Contacts were made between 24-26th May and now the next antenna is already sitting pretty on the mast.The current eBay number for those wanting to see the updated version of the antenna 303167383246










United Kingdom = Today 26DR017 /P on the Clee Hills Shropshire.

I’ve used the antenna on 25 MHz, 26 Mhz, 27 Mhz and it’s worked a treat!

Next antenna on the mast will be the Livewire 5/8 by Scott 26RC111

Note: This antenna isn’t the latest release and is the older non “+” version of the antenna. I’ve recently a few new antennas bought and these will be on the blog as and when I can do it. Many talk about this or the other one being the best! I’m not into it at all. I’m trying both the Livewire and the SSD58 hopefully under similar conditions and what you buy and what you decide isn’t my business.

Scott PMR live wire

Hawkins Bandit PMR

Amongst others…

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