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The last of the news of the McKinley EU. Many have asked about the hidden features that some other radios have like Grant II for example. Below are the details as I found them but the two I tried one was a dealer sample and this the second was a retail piece so I could look inside. Now all we need to do is “wait and see” (c) Markus Neuner

Alpha Channels

As we know each band has @ channels. On McKinley EU they are by default added so radio goes for example 3 then 3 with an @ on screen.

No Course Control

Activate SPAN in menu then radio for example can go 245 and 244,243,242,241,240 etc just like Lincoln 1 and Lincoln II


Variable from around 2 till 20 FM. Variable to 10w AM and from 1.7 watts till around 20w SSB but don’t mess with the adjusters as the radio gets HOT and I mean HOT. You touch, you break and no warranty.

Frequency Coverage

Awesome coverage of 24710-30110 with VFO mode when SPAN ON while it will remains channelised with SPAN OFF. Receive at the top and bottom quite ok. But remember I live in QRM central.

*Muppets” In FM Mode, long press F button and radio heads into 2760125-2799125 banding.


Sounds like a warmer version of Sadelta with delay and repeat


-5 till +5 so accommodates both treble and bass. Sounds really ok.

A German Wrote

Es fehlt leider der Fine Coarse für die Feinabstimmung im SSB-Berieb, wie man es von der President jackson II und älteren Geräten her kennt.
Bei der President Grant II fehlt die Feinabstimmung leider ebenfalls.
Auch macht das Gerät bis jetzt optisch einen eher schlichten Eindruck, aber ich bin auf die weiteren Empfangs- und Sende-Ergebnisse von Simon gespannt.

In English

Unfortunately, the Fine Coarse for fine tuning in the SSB-Berieb, as known from the President jackson II and older devices, is missing.

With the President Grant II, the fine tuning is unfortunately also missing.
Also, the device looks so far a rather simple impression, but I’m looking forward to the further reception and transmission results from Simon.

In legal format course isn’t needed. It’s not legal! Uses SPAN in export mode, to obtain frequencies to ZERO so clarifier is only needed not both. In Grant II is pre locked 5 or 0 so on a zero ending channel only clarifier needed, no course needed as Course makes 5 till 0 ending.


I’ve no idea but dealers are taking orders

When Available

June 2-3rd week

ELec & dYNa

I’ve tried standard microphone, Sadelta Mike, Astatic Teardrop, Astatic Minuteman, Konektor5000 tuned Albrecht AE-2002, Palomar SL-41, Liberty Mike, Astatic Road Devil amongst others and top three in my opinion in reports received

1) Astatic Teardrop

2) Supplied Electret Mike

3) Palomar SL-41

Although not much difference in clarity really. Depends on voice, conditions etc

It’s a President

Not Qixiang, not an Anytone. It’s designed and engineered in France and other EU countries with ideas from all places. Manufacture is Uniden facility in Vietnam. President actually have engineers working on equipment, plus fixing equipment. The McKinley took time as many had input in EU and time was taken thinking about it. Remember! President of old, when they are quiet they are up to something quietly and secretly…

And now the Postscript:

Don’t turn up the potentiometers inside the radio gets incredibly hot. I haven’t and didn’t do it but radio ultra hot. Consider running it in EU mode and lower power or maybe in extended mode with power back and run an amplifier.

When I changed from Electret Mike to Astatic Teardrop the radio started slower. Noted on only two out of I guess Over 100 times used

Best Audio comes from the Supplied microphone when tested against a few others. Astatic and Sadelta MB-4 is super strong but standard is a little better

Mike Gain leave it wide open

In my QRM hole I turned RF Gain down two notches

Front Speaker works excellent

Channel change and controls work well, didn’t have any issues that way

Key Beep is Disgusting loud nonsense in houses so needs to be turned off

Is it all that?

The one I tested was early development so can bare little to the real one. I found some frequencies in 26-25 MHz less responsive than 24-27-28 MHz but not really confirmed so far (Meaning people heard me, I didn’t hear them, white noise died and volume went lower) Info was passed on, that’s all I can do. AM and FM it works really well and made good contacts all around EU in extended and EU mode.

Take a look in the shops, not sure of price but seems €249 is almost sure around this price point. Is it better than Lincoln II + even with lower power? I’d say for me yes it is. Is it better than Grant II Premium? It’s too close to call. It’s a CB, Made to a certain standard and cost. It’s in that department working quite well. Now I need to wait the real ones to come and see what my bought one is like.


Below is a video link from a released model filmed during the early part of May. It’s the second radio I’ve seen and was able to open the box and unlock the extended features. Enjoy the video.

Mc Kinley EU Extended Mode: https://youtu.be/MLBTSomKJGA


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Article Prepared 11th-23rd May

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  1. Thank you – so glad to hear that it is open for 27.555 USB. How do you enable the export mode with the extended frequencies?

    Does it have the roger beep of the US version?


  2. Hi Simon
    Thanks for the update It looks like it will be a fine radio and to me a good selling radio?


    • Hi Matt.

      Was a long time in the coming, was recorded a while ago but waited till now as radio should head out of France 4th June to the dealers so now seemed best time to upload the videos so people could take a look then make up the mind so to speak.

      Hope it’ll help in any decision making


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