*KCB* Mc Kinley £279

So knights have thrown the hat into the McKinley game! The price set at £279.95 which equates to as of today exchange rate to €315 or $366 so that’s a whopper for a radio. It was talked about in the €249 range but guess lots are pre-ordered and sold so this is its cost. What can I say? Uniden produced and EU engineered with EU salaries! I guess when add the months of work, design, software involved plus return needed from it the price is right. BUT it’ll drop in next few months when more are available (Dealer Comment) Already one dealer told me he’s not got them but he’s sold them all so maybe it’s going to be a big seller. Time will tell!!

How does it fit in?

President Grant II Premium = £250

President Jackson II = £270

President Lincoln II Plus = £270

President Mc Kinley = £279

So, all around the same ball park figure…

News from Stuart from the Clyde Friday Night Net = Photo…

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7 thoughts on “*KCB* Mc Kinley £279

  1. I don’t know what all the moaning is about?.
    The McKinley is what it is!…. A CB RADIO! NOT a HF radio. So comparing costs of a brand new CB radio with 24-30mhz coverage all modes is a pretty decent price and in line with all its brothers…considering it will be deemed as a top liner.
    It cant be compared to used HF stuff!. want a new HF?? pay a grand more!.
    Its a genuine Uniden radio which has had lots of thought and input from all over and NOT one of the ‘ other ‘ manufacturers (all good in their own right btw).

    Back in the day…

    I remember the ORIGINAL Lincoln coming out 88/9? and it was retailing at £399 and that was then!. it still sold like there was no tomorrow!.

    I agree with Simon, initial demand will reflect on price and I am sure it will drop in line with the President line up.

    All I can say…. I have waited for a long time for another Uniden based SSB radio with lots of functions and abilities to reach the market. its even better that President has persistently listened to their customers and added the UK band on this particular radio.

    I’ve got one, I paid the price BUT I am more than pleased with it so far.

    Keep going President….you guys are doing well!

    Best 73’s all,


  2. I really dont know why people are quick of the mark to criticize the radio before it even reached the shop as Simon pointed out it roughly in the same ball park price wise as the Lincoln 2 and the grant more importantly it’s a uniden made radio, like some of the earlier classic that people rave on about .if it’s a great performer it too could also become a favourite time will tell


  3. In the USA the McKinely was $179 which was on the verge of being too expensive. I love the USA version but this EU pricing is ridiculous considering you can get the Lincoln II or even a new version Stryker 955HPC for less. Also – this EU has a different board than the USA version so I’m not sure if it will perform the same or be as good? I wouldn’t spend more than $199 for this radio and even then that’s a stretch. For $400 you can find used Icom 718’s.


  4. Reading comments on various Facebook pages and forums, that price appears to have killed it stone dead in the UK.

    Maybe 6 months down the line they’ll drop the price and they’ll sell a couple of dozen units… Who knows?


    • I think you’ll find a “premium” has been added too the real price as not many pieces available initially. That’s the consensus from those I’ve asked. This price is TOO HIGH! But I think profit is the key and when more available the price will drop. I’ve already found it for €302 and €310 so not all are going full fat…

      I can name some that have ordered them from either Holland or Poland in the UK. Maybe some of them will write here when they receive them..

      In meantime Nevada, Radiozing and others need to add costs too.. That will be interesting to see


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