McKinley Update From Robert

News from Robert in the UK whose Mc Kinley is now on order I’m informed! Knights in the United Kingdom now offer FREE DELIVERY on the Mc Kinley EU and offer to supply the radio in either standard configuration or extended test mode configuration. The cost of the modification is included in the £279. As the Mc Kinley is now sort of out there this should be the last post about where to buy them BUT send me your video links and we can add them to the blog. I’m also informed the eBay radios we had on here are sold out, the last one possible went to Austria? What do I REALLY think of the Mc Kinley? Need to wait a few more days as Bank Holidays have and will delay the shipment! Hmm plus it’s not even at the dealers yet…

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5 thoughts on “McKinley Update From Robert

  1. Hi Simon got one on the way currently using a Dave tuned superstar 360fm,I may when I get it take some pics an a short video of it receiving


  2. Quite a few people in the US are asking if any dealers will ship to US. If you talk to dealers maybe ask who is willing to ship to US? You’d think President would work with one of the current US importers to get some of these to the states. if we can get 2950DX’s and Anytones here why not bring a batch of these. Sub $250 price of course 🙂


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