Mc Kinley Poland / Czech Republic

I’ve received 5 messages asking me when I’m going to feature the above two countries and the Mc Kinley! Truth is I didn’t think it was needed really but today was asked again by a Polish guy in Leicester so that’s tipped the scales and below we’ve got our friend’s at Konektor5000 in Łódź and President Electronics in Ostrava Czech Republic. Then hopefully that’s it! One has stock, one doesn’t.

Czech Republic NOT in stock. Price 5890kc so roughly €231 / £204 excludes packaging, shipping and other stuff. Grant II Premium is in stock 5590kc so around €219 / £195

Poland IN Stock. Price will be 1,250Zl so roughly that’s €294 / £262 and excludes any shipping and packing etc. Grant II Premium is 1,200Zl in standard mode or 1,250Zl in extended feature mode.

As everyone knows different countries have different VAT, different tax on some goods than other places. So please don’t start the rip off Britain, Germany, Angola, USA etc. Heard enough of it here already.

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