Very many emails about this issue. Mostly people tell me the audio is low even when mike gain is on 10. Below is a work around BUT don’t adjust anything else in the menu as it will serious mess up your radio. Each radio is individual so has different values! Do it at your own peril. Device can be easily damaged remember.

Set Up

Mike Gain set to 7

Talkback set to 1

Turn ON radio with EMG and SC Pressed

On the microphone use UP and DWN until FM MOD is on the screen

Press F to access menu

Key mike and maybe 81-82 or 83 is shown

With mike pressed in press A/F until 87-88-89 one of those is on the screen. You’ll hear loudness change via the talkback menu.

Release Mike

Press F long time and turn radio OFF/ON

The deviation is from 1.5-1.7khz and now around 2.0 kHz

Video Link: https://youtu.be/QUm0AB2EjB8

Don’t mess with it more, use microphone gain in the menu to adjust volume etc.

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