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Below are two videos shared with me showing the receive on a purchased Mc Kinley. Sure we’ve seen videos from test pieces and early production pieces and now an off the shelf radio. I myself have received via DHL serial number 365 which will be looked into soon and the actual customer thoughts revealed as paid the price so can make the call on what I think. Not like those who criticize without laying out the money. Mine will be soon here on the blog. Thank you so much to Carl B for the videos…

My initial thought is you’ve the same noise level as I have. That gives me heart as thought my location was unique in this.

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5 thoughts on “Receive Videos Mc Kinley

  1. Hi Simon got an idea for the McKinley using an Adonis mike with switch so that it can be used instead Of the battery,is that a possibility?

    Carlito amc


    • Hi Carlito,

      The Mc Kinley has Voltage on the 6 pin. Please look at the instruction manual as at the last page it has a full wiring diagram for the microphone. It’s really best to check this before doing.anything



  2. Sounds nice simon has markus from Germany managed to have a look inside and with a view of performing his magic to what looks like a superb radio


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