*PART 1* Thunderpole T-800

From the United Kingdom to Hungary it only took 5 days via DPD so don’t let that be a stop to trying out one of these radios. We’ve all read about the changes to the radio and this is part 1 of a look at the radio with a video coming along shortly. And these changes? Any good or not?


Thick heavy cases both bottom and top. Seems to be thick paint added too

Heatsink on the back, sturdy built. Certainly for cars, trucks and tractors. It’s strong

Controls offer a defined click on pressing them, the click click sound we all like

I did not like bare wires at end of power lead, could be soldered or plugged

Microphone is heavy in die cast plastic looking a little like Midland Bluetooth mike

Microphone cable is a little thin but all makers are the same and go for thinner cable

For a budget radio it is truly quite a brute in the heavy category and is much heavier than CRT One and President Bill. It’s a radio sure to succeed in areas where it needs to be tough. As this is only an initial look prior to videos we can say it covers all EU bands, AM mode sounded quite excellent and the FM was punchy but of course a little less “boom” than on AM. The ASQ on mine is a little bit on the tough side for letting in signals below a 2 lights on the radio but the advantage is also it cuts down on much noise too. You’ll see on the video.

More next time but in the meantime if you’ve thought about one of these radios then think seriously it is really quite good. I’ve not tried the older version of this so can’t comment on the older one but this the new board, new mike and new software version you’ll like it.

Videos will appear soon…

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