Additional Mc Kinley Settings ??

I’m sharing with you all now some settings that Rob (RPComms) told me about and I can say for me they’ve worked and shared a video with him and all is well. Just in my case also I’ve some strange local noises but otherwise I can say the settings below have worked well for me over the last 7 days.

Things To Change:

Adjust the RF Gain so 4 or 5 lines are shown and not wide open

Set the tone to -4 from wherever you’ve got it set now

That’s it!

Yes the noise level lowers due to not being wide open and set the RF Gain lines to what’s best for you but the difference in receive on my side was almost nothing noticeable so was worth a try.

Report back and let us know your ideas and was it any better or worse for you?

The official RP Comms video above

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One thought on “Additional Mc Kinley Settings ??

  1. It’s the same with the US version, just back RF gain down two notches from max for quiet listening but still pretty good receive.


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