HF-Doktor Mc Kinley Adjustments

Klaus is back with the adjustment points of the recently released President Mc Kinley. He’s advised me to mention that do t dig around without the necessary equipment and also NEVER touch stuff if you’ve got no idea or indeed anything other than the marked areas.

Look at all the bits inside! That’s why the radio took a long time and WHY it was released when it was working well and not before.

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4 thoughts on “HF-Doktor Mc Kinley Adjustments

  1. Question – in the image you’ve got AM mod level and AM mod limiter but both are variable potentiometers. This doesn’t make sense. Usually your limiter circuit includes a resistor and then you’d have a pot to adjust your modulation, not pots for both. Can you confirm with hf-doktor the labeling on these 2 pots? Thank you so much to you and him for providing this information. If President releases a service manual please post as well!


    • I’ve emailed Klaus to ask.

      On the board I see AMC and AMMOD against the components.

      Service Manual exists & wont be added here as too much troubles with google engineers so it’s not wise move this time


    • Of course, both are VR’s. The same on Grant II, Grant II Premium and other radios too.
      Mod Level adjusts the (AM) audio signal to the AM modulation power stage.
      And AM Mod Limiter sets the limit value of the max. mod depth (90% +/-5% at 30mV/1.25 KHz audio to Mic Jack from generator)
      >Factory-/Service setting


  2. looking at the board , its amazing to see all the smd . all dead square in there place . i used to work and did training on the fuji machine and put the reels in with the smd components on . and used to watch it place all the parts onto the solder paste that a stencel has put on . so fast and accurate how it puts them down then onto the oven to melt the pastes for the smd to be fixed . the training lasted for months on the machine putting boards in putting the solder paste on and watching the stencel machine do the job . good memories .


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