*NEW* Kalibur K32 Mag-Mount

CB World in the United States has an offer on the antenna below at the moment. It’s priced at $32.10 for a limited period and it’s stated the antenna comes with a “shock spring” built in. Needless to say we all know what it looks like! Below is the information on the antenna.

  • 100 watt low profile magnetic mount CB antenna
  • 18 feet RG58 coax cable & PL259 connector. 
  • antenna height is just 18″ 
  • Band coverage is 26-28MHz. 
  • Black.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/yybgfvsj

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7 thoughts on “*NEW* Kalibur K32 Mag-Mount

    • Yes exactly true. The first version PNI Extra 45 had a DV27 tuning tip you could undo and slide in or out. This was then replaced with a tip you could move and now in last series it’s fitted like other brands versions of antenna


    • I’ve a few PNI Extra 45 and I’ll film it again in August when I’ve a few days on air and see how it goes. Then I’ll add it here maybe will be interesting ? We will see


  1. I have yet to see a decent review of these type of antennas with band width and range in local operating conditions.
    The manufacture should think about a drill through mounting option too.


    • I have tested 3 of the ones sold via Romania

      PNI Extra 45
      PNI Extra 48
      Team Tornado CB

      All were in the ball park of Mids / UKFM. Build was ok, price was better than build and they did work!

      I managed at best with 4 watts FM some 12km from mobile in the car.

      I will take one with me in August to OK land and try it like with New York. Also will try Florida UP and Virginia


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