It’s Contest Time

A new world contest takes to the airwaves this weekend as part of a double header which sees part II later in the year. Below we’ve the link and how to join the event. Software to download, register and take part! It’s as easy as that. Wish you all great conditions and good contacts.


Below. Catch some NEVER on air before AT Headquarters Stations

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7 thoughts on “It’s Contest Time

  1. Morning Simon I fully agree why not have an 11m contest that covers the legal usb an lsb bands,rather than t5 upwards…..

    On the Thursday night usb net ok ch39 we had Norway in the log,so it’s possible for them to make some good contacts



  2. I have sent them an email regarding this matter and they do not even care to answer. These guys are not open for discussion are only interested in their private fun. Bad publicity for 11 m dx operating. Making QRM to UK channels too.


  3. They say “The event is open to all 11 meters operators.” But this is just fake news. The contest is rather open _only_ for 11 m operators who do not care about legislation and which are then forced to operate outside of the 11 m band. The operator with the biggest amplifier will win. Wrong strategy, guys. You just don´t care about 11 m operators who do not want to leave the 40 European SSB channels.


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