Nokia Ear Pods / Nokia Wireless Active

Anyone who really knows me will know me as “Nokia Simon” whether it be in the old days adding net monitor on phones, sim-locks etc or getting angry when the legacy ended and it went to die under the guise of a re-birth with Stephen Elop and Microsoft in Seattle. But now in these times Nokia is back with new people running it, yes in a very different way but at least it’s back with de-bloated Android 9 and Android One devices. Anyhow audio, music, headphones are another of my passions. Listening to music either via Beats, Marshall, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, Sony, Skullcandy etc and now even with Nokia Ear Pods, V1 BH-501 which are both Bluetooth or wired Nokia headphones.

The above Ear Pods are Bluetooth 5 connection and I must say I’ve had some issues with these while trying them out. I’ve tried iPhone XR, Nokia 7.1, Nokia 5.1 plus some older iPhones and Nokia’s. The sound faded across ears, so right died, then returned, then left died and a few seconds returned. BUT when they work the sound is excellent although on handsfree is muffled, not strong and not really clear in anyways at all. So looks great although some reservations. Recently with an update to Nokia 7.1 which also activated VOLTE seems also some under the hood changes to the phone as now they appear to work better on this phone.

Nokia Wireless Active from eBay arrived from Lithuania. Connects to iPhone 7, iPhone XR and Nokia’s effortlessly as Bluetooth 4.1 and the sound is superb. Bass, treble and clarity is excellent. Whether classical, FFDP, Iron Maiden or in between they behave better and sound better than the ear pods and cheaper. HMD Global who is the new Nokia need to pay a little more attention to the accessories. The sound is more full, sounds wider and clearer on the active wireless than Ear Pods. Maybe they’ll introduce an update to the Ear Pods as sound is superb “when it works in stereo” I’ve mailed about the issues and whether old or new Nokia it remains the same that nobody bothers to reply.


The Ear Pods are not cheap and the fact the hands free element lets it down. The charging pod can be fiddly as you need to have the grill touching the mesh and the metal piece of the pod touching at the bottom of the case. The sound is good! The Pods play clear, cleaning and integrated charging provides long time air play.

  • Small, light, and comfortable
  • Tight bass, crisp treble
  • Small, fits tight and secure in ear
  • Sound is good across various varieties of music
  • Good battery life with the charging case
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Connects Quickly to smartphone or PC or iPad
  • Background noise on calls pad
  • Sometimes drops sound across ears
  • Cost versus Performance

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