*NEW* “HyZooka” EFHW vertical Bazooka

Back to Sven in Germany this time for news, availability and price on his new antenna which I can say has been truly tested by a few BETA testers around Germany. Below we’ve got the photos and a translation about the antenna from Sven himself and if your in Germany a way to get your hands on this antenna.

The Hyzooka is a low-loss matched half-wave antenna. It is optimized for the CB band, but can also be used as a portable radio antenna for 10,12,15 meter band – very flexible tuning. Due to the high Z the EF half-wave is the ideal DX tool, because it provides the best transition to wave propagation in the ground. Thus, the EFHW has a decisive advantage of groundwave radiation over long distances, which is not achieved by other radialless antenna shapes. The HyZooka brings the flat radiation and the gain there … where it’s important for DX connections. There are no dangling parts at half of the antenna height (like others), no fragile transition points .. because the matching is completely housed in the foot area. The newly developed BaZookaCoil in combination with the half-wave Bazooka emitter (Kusch antenna cable) results in a good bandwidth at the highest possible values – frequency changes are compensated by the Bazooka design and not adjusted as usual by broadband matching circuits “lossy shine”. The antenna is terminated below the base by a high-quality standing wave barrier made of special #HF ferrite (20 ferrite cores in protective tube). The antenna can easily be tuned directly attached to mast using EasyTune. All connections are glued waterproof with high quality shrink tubing. The supply cable has a length of 3.66m and is assembled with a PL-UHF special Teflon gold. A PL / PL adapter is included – the feed line should always be of calculated length (multiples of λ½ * shortening factor of the coaxial cable), because the antenna offers a wide range of adjustment possibilities … which are only measured correctly at mirror lengths (or at PL- PL Plug of the HyZooka directly). For optimum function, an infeed height of lambda half is recommended – up from 10 meters GRP mast. The antenna is already pre-tuned (center 11 meters)and is fixed in less than 5 minutes to a fiberglass telescopic mast (not included) – super fast ready to use!

Link: https://tinyurl.com/yxpghtv3

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One thought on “*NEW* “HyZooka” EFHW vertical Bazooka

  1. just the job for /P operations 🙂 no nonsense tuning and easily transportable .
    I think more operators are turning to operating portable due to the amount of EMC in the home now. Routers have got our hobby nackered.


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