President Mc Kinley “Switchmode”

So your the owner of a nice President McKinley and you’ve export modified the radio. You have NO warranty. Trust me in President they are shocked you’d throw away a long warranty on the radio. But it’s gone, confined to history so how about adding a switch mode modification to allow ALL EU norms within legal parameters and also allow export mode too? But trust me when you’ve modified it no matter what google says or the engineer down the road. Warranty Is Over.. Details below:

Above is the module. It’s around an 1/2 hour install if you go careful and gently. But it involves soldering in small areas and removal of the front panel allowing access to the microphone socket.

You’ll need to hide away the module when you’ve completed the modification.

To watch a video how the module works then click the link here:

But remember loosing the long warranty isn’t a wise idea NOR is soldering in small places where it’s easy to make a mistake. I’ve soldered two and it’s enough! No more…

Price is around €20 plus shipping from Klaus (HF-Doktor) Anyone wanting the module use the contact form and I’ll forward it onwards. Payment is via PayPal to Klaus.

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3 thoughts on “President Mc Kinley “Switchmode”

  1. Hi Simon
    I Think when you buy a McKinley you know what you’re doing.. You keep on EU norms or have it in export mode… I am very happy with mine in Export mode…… the radio works well with the function of span mode it’s like the old Lincoln MK1. so I see no need for the switchmode mod….. This is where the grant 2 slipped up it could only do 5’s and 0’s…


    • Hi Matt.

      Dealer in Germany, France & Netherlands asked me to point it out so was what I did. I agree the SPAN mode is a great idea. Grant II needed it! But that’s another thing.

      Have an excellent day and hope to hear you on a Mc Kinley as so far not heard one



  2. It works and as you say hard to solder right,
    That’s me out hands to shaky, I just about manage a pl 259 and you have to see it , my Doreen with the soldering iron and me with the solder been teaching how to solder and Doreen is very good and better then me.


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