Sigma Dipole East Europe 26.425

Over the last months a growing trend has started for making more use of 26065-26505 part of the band. Some groups including Alfa Tango don’t allow use here and advise you to “follow local regulations” but how long has 555 been legal? Add to this the recently held CQWW contest that was again not on legal frequencies at all!! I’m of the opinion you use what you want! Below an English manufactured antenna cut for 26 MHz. What a superb idea. Many of us used 26 MHz from early 80’s and it great band. In behavior more akin to 12 meters than 11 meters thus more fun! Myself over 200 countries on 26 MHz and I personally know 1 person in 30 years whose never strayed off 26 MHz. Only used band A (think it was on this radio)

If you must obey local rules etc then 555 shouldn’t be used, nor 26 MHz. Radios a hobby. Make the most of it, speak to friends old and new and that’s its key. Ham bands like CB more and more Policemen are telling you shut up, spaghetti, spaghetti, playing music, PJ05 with the IQ of a lettuce makes a mess and others from around Europe. Don’t allow them to win, press the button and QSY elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “Sigma Dipole East Europe 26.425

  1. Exactly it’s there use it like the old days as 555 some times is a no go area now with all the zoo animals on it and a donkey to, and the contacts are very good and less local, crap picked up used it.


    • You are all welcome around 26425 Polish call fq and 26285 old European call fq.
      Today I found on 26420 a nice station 104CI101 🙂
      Best regards.


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