*OLD/NEW* President Taylor IV Video

Actually recorded a while back and maybe isn’t anything like the released version but I’ve had many messages so I’ve uploaded the old video. This video was made end of May into June and radios in export mode. The loan dealer asked me not to add the video then but as it’s now released I guess it’s ok to do it? I’m not sure if I’ll purchase a Martin or release version Taylor IV but if I do then I’ll add it here at some point in the future. I’ve just paid the blog for another year so at the moment funds are blocked shall we say 😩

Pre Release Export Mode:

UK in Export Mode

Bands are A, B and C which equate to Mid, High and low

@ Channels are fluid and within the channel change

Long press F and you get T5/T0 so 5 and 0 ending channels

There is a high power mode. Makes FM around 15-17 watts but waste of time.

Radio was supplied to look at unlocked, I can’t tell you if it’s the same features now as it was four almost five months back this video.

Link to the YouTube video: https://youtu.be/Q77cvpCeLgU

Check the other radio blogs that are online as sure they’ll have a video up soon.. There are many who talk but don’t show. You don’t have a car blog and not test cars so you can’t have a radio blog and only copy, infringe GDPR or else people come knocking at your door.

Above is not a review just a look. IF I invest in a radio then we will talk about it, if not then that’s that.

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