*NEU* Stabo XM3006e €239

This is what you get when a President Martin and a President Harry II have an offspring. It’s called the Stabo XM3006e and looks a cutie. The radio comes 12/24v and seven color display. Best price I’ve found it is €239 which equates roughly to £215 with the exchange rate as it is at the moment. Below we’ve got the advertisement and the instruction manual. Interesting is what I’ll say about it, just interesting. I was told two weeks ago about this radio actually possibly coming as “something from Stabo” from a CB user who was told about in a truck stop or similar. Goes to show you!

Instruction Manual: https://tinyurl.com/y4knx2kw

Note the Stabo has VOX Gain and not RF Gain. That’s going to harm it. Strange idea ultimately but that’s life. It’s strange.

If your in a vehicle and / or noisy environment is VOX that useful? Guess needed something to change as people would say “It’s a Martin in a different jacket”

Martin around €150

Stabo around €239 but maybe price will change -/+

Online Sales In Germany Here: https://tinyurl.com/y6a2qokd

Own One? Or the Martin? Send me a video or send me your thoughts on it so I can add it here for people to see! It’s going to sell well and the reason? Looks like President Henry ASC or Harry II

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