Photos Stabo XM3006e & Future Of CB

News from the Netherlands for you. The copyright of the photos are Bensons Funk-Technik for the radio photo and Limmared for the “Future of CB radio” presentation from the Avera dealer meeting for the birthday of Avera. The radio will go to market on Monday and designed especially for 2020 when in Germany your no longer able to operate any transmission device with a microphone and that’s why VOX will be needed. Not sure where in the rules it says you can keep adjusting the sensitivity of the VOX when driving along?

Photo Above (c) Bensons Funktechnik

Above is director / GM of President in France discussing the future of CB radio! I can tell you all he’s a top class guy who I’ve met and can say 👍 he’s a great guy.

Photo Above (c) Limmared Sweden

Guess we all know the future of CB radio. It’s a hot topic at the moment. This blog will for example end its life in 2020. It’s expensive to run and in July I paid the fee to keep it active until 2020 and then it’s R.I.P. I can’t keep it alive so best it sets into the sunset December 2020. Equipment gets less, quality gets generally poorer with some makers and better sit key the microphone than spend too much to keep something small going.

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  1. How much is it to run the blog per year?
    Could you do a membership service and charge a realistic fee per year for access.



    • Hi Mark. I was lucky and was offered a sponsor for the site. But after I paid they vanished into the dust. So, as it needs business tariff as truth is it got bigger than I’d ever imagined for a small corner of the web it spirals. I’ve paid end of Q4 2020 but it’ll die before then. This will please resellers, dealers and those who make false promises to customers.

      From me all good👍 Was fun, but not when copied and parodied by idiots. When it ends here Twitter, Facebook, Instagram all dies same time and I vanish to FT8 or CB somewhere.

      Have a great Sunday


    • Hi Matt. Sadly true. Can’t afford to keep it going and also too many wanted everything for free. Ranging from software to service manuals. It’s paid until end of 2020 and then will be deleted and put to sleep. In the meantime changes will happen but NEW and more interesting stuff will come like always

      Best 73


  2. You and the blog will be missed but it’s been great and lots of good news tips info R.I.P.
    The blog


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