Ranger RCI-69 Base $499.50

Thanks Carey for your kindness to write from Indiana. You’ve passed on the price of the Ranger RCI-69 Base and it’s quite high as you tell me! Thing is many people ask and want Base stations but as we see the price of all of these are high as the market appears to be niche. Below a photo and details.

• New Final Amplifier Design
• Uses Ranger RT1 MOSFET Transistors
• 100 Watts PEP Output Power
• Frequency range when converted covers all of 10-11-12 Meters.
• 12 Freq Bands when converted
• Variable RF Power Control
• 5 Digit Frequency Counter
• S/RF/SWR Front Panel Meter
• Variable Talk Back Control
• Built-In Echo with dual controls.
• Fine + Coarse Variable SSB Clarifier
• 4pin Mic Jack

Expanded it’ll operate from 24.265 ~ 29.655

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