Lemm Super 16 3/4 €159

I was looking at an old thread from 2010 on transmission1 about the Lemm AT-107 Antenna and it got me thinking. I’d used one of these from Wingreen Hill in Dorset and it managed Robbie on the lighthouse in Guernsey on 4 watts FM too!! But back to 2019!! Antenna can be bought and below we’ve currently an eBay link but it’s a current model from the catalogue. This was an antenna that could kick some serious ass so it’s nice to see it for sale.

eBay link: 222789501071

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2 thoughts on “Lemm Super 16 3/4 €159

  1. there was a Lighthouse keeper on Coquet Island off coast of Northumberland back in the 80’s called Robbie, I wonder if it is the same bloke?


    • Really? Could be I guess. He used FM and SSB and was easily reached overnight from Dorset hills. I’m not certain but maybe passed away now? I think he had a beard if I remember well.. If indeed was him what a small world indeed.


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