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The above is taken directly from Facebook and from a very reliable dealer. Time is running and it appears now that the Grant II Premium will be taking a bow and leaving dealers shelves soon. The Grant II Premium will hit the discontinued line of radios! Away went the initial Grant II and now it’s Premium brother slides into the valley of deleted! Of course it’s still available until sold out.

Things not to forget:

Radio needed VFO to allow tracking from 5 till 0 ending, not just T5/T0

Signal Meter too big so accentuated noise levels, needed split screen or smaller

Needed variable power like Mc Kinley EU (a users radio although no comment more)

Needed 12-10m inside not the straight 25.6-30.1

Echo would have been nice inside

It’s had its time, people have moved onwards and want more filters, better quality and cheaper. Some believe it’s possible. Me, don’t see it as anywhere near possible.

It was a good radio, not WOW but was good. Sad to see it go, Mc Kinley can’t replace it in my opinion. No chance at all.

And what’s next? I guess more lovely AM/FM radios with similar style as each other, no passion inside, devoid of WOW factor and not future proof.

As Q4 approaches and the end of 2 0 1 9 with passionless radios from passionless outlets (generic all resellers not just one, and not just one maker but all makers)

In 2019 we’ve had:

Radios sold that didn’t work

Radios with channels not ok, @ channels some bands, not all

Detachable headed radios, Doris, AT500m all promised and ZERO deliveries.

Exact Words Below:

President – News +++ President – News +++

President Grant II Discontinued – only while stocks last – all well-known wholesalers and importers probably have nothing left in the warehouse – so if you want to have a grant II Premium, you shouldn’t wait too long.

As a successor, the Mckinley Eu is traded – it is also circuit technically similar and a piece of compact.

Jackson II is still available and also not discontinued by President, but this is not to be expected for this manufacturer before not the warehouses are empty (See Grant II Premium).

President – News +++ President – News +++

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4 thoughts on “President – News +++ Premium Farewell

  1. Let’s hope some thing better come out, it will be missed by a few but there will be more that will not miss it


  2. I’m okay to say goodbye to that one. I preferred the Lincoln II to the Grant for features and I like the McKinley better than either of those.


    • Lincoln II can’t be classed the same as it’s not a dedicated CB multi norm so different segment to be absolute correct. Mc Kinley YEAH I’ve reserved judgement on it as had some issues. Out of them all out there now

      1 Lincoln II + (but not a CB multi norm)
      2 Jackson II
      3 Grant II Premium
      4 Mc Kinley (took too long to come)


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