Changes Adopted On The Blog

Mostly due to the rudeness of a small minority of people in the United Kingdom you can thank for the sections modifications now being password protected and unavailable in its current form. I’ve spent many hours, many euros etc on software, finding out modifications normally as a result of spending money on radios to be treated as Ive been treated. Then when you get an email via contact with no hello, no please, no can you help me just “mate hurry along and send me” this or that software and code. When reply and tell them make a donation you get the software to email address used they send you a disgusting message in return. Plus the idiotic idea that “software costs nothing” when all has a price. Someone somewhere worked on this, it has a value as of course work involves costs and financial outlay.

A quote from UK “I’ve downloaded Midland CB Talk App as it’s free. Fuck buying the microphone it’s valueless”

I’ll continue to add modifications, service manuals etc but a final straw was I went out of my way to send a service manual to someone who I’ve known for years and they couldn’t even say thank you! So, minority of morons killed it for the good people. That’s radio and behavior of IQ0 people in the 2000’s.

Contact section is now updated (Again) 15,000 + emails since the blog launched and all are answered. Takes time, only rarely a kind thought or a thank you. So another avenue will close down shortly. BUT those who want me and know me will find me via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp.

We are still the same people writing, reading messages but wiser than to keep being insulted when asked for everything for free.

It’s possible the areas will be unlocked now and then for a few hours at a time. I’ve been given a lot of new modifications which will be added, mostly on Modifications III it’ll take time but they’ll come now and then.

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8 thoughts on “Changes Adopted On The Blog

  1. You have to take it with a grain of salt. Over the years I’ve learned to ignore all the comments 🙂 Crazy how worked up people can be over our hobby. Keep up the good work, I always enjoy reading your blog! I’d suggest keeping everything public as what you’re doing is a public service whether people are nice or not, you’re doing a service for our community.


  2. Simon, it is always the minority that spoils it for the majority. I am sorry that you’re going through that crap. I could say more but I will keep quiet as I know what you’re going through as I have been through it myself.
    All the best, matey.


  3. Some have no manners and no respect but there is lots out there that enjoy your good reports as I do my self so I say a very big thank you from my self and lots more that enjoy you post,Simon do not let them that hate spoil it .

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  4. I’M very sorry to read that people have treated you this way..i’m Geurt , living in the netherlands and always a big fan of your video’s ! i would like to say A BIG THANK YOU for all your time and wisdom!


    • Hi Mike. Never looking for praise! Blog wasn’t for that. Blog was to say about CB my way, not edited and kinder words put instead of junk is junk. BUT if you write to someone and say “mate, send the software stop pissing around” and “who buys software it’s no worth” then something is really wrong. Blog takes time, energy of more than one person so for it to get such abuse isn’t justified.

      Resellers threats, factories upset and annoyed and ALWAYS we took the flack and carried on. But in 2019 people get more rude and see no issue with it. Admins will unlock it now and then for some time and then when blog ends, site will be closed and deleted immediately.

      Thank YOU for Thank YOU means a lot


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