Cough Cough New Radio ALERT

The blogs been quiet recently due to the fact illness has been running rampant with no ability from my side to write interesting articles. So what’s been happening in the world of CB radios recently? Below the latest although some old news that’s making the way here. Details are from dealers in: Germany, Holland, UK, Poland, Latvia and Belarus!!!


New Radio AM/FM coming but maybe a rehash or similar to one already out there. Possibly known as AE-6210 or AE-6310. I did write and ask NO REPLY

Team Electronics:

According now to three people a new AM/FM will come to market. Possibly not so new. I did write and ask NO REPLY ~ They release an updated radio so rumor was true. Not so new radio.


News from Holland a new radio comes. AM/FM it appears Did not write as NO REPLY


Randy III will come (Sources in UK told me “Game Changer”)


News from Poland “Not much Happening” I wrote and asked NO REPLY

Single Side Band Radios:

Anytone with detachable screen = NO News At All

New SSB President Radio (multiple people in UK asking) I don’t know anything!!!

New CRT SSB I’ve heard absolutely nothing at all!!! Nothing…

That’s all the news around radios….

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