Neuaufstellung Frequenzplan 27.6-28.0 MHz

With the most sincere thanks to Henning Gajek for the information (it’s over one month old due to my sickness) but encompasses a new band-plan between 27.6 and 28.0 MHz which in effect could make some changes for the “Muppet Channels” in the United Kingdom meaning data noises but guess it’s well known already? It can also make SSB contact on the freeband 27.6-28.0 more interesting during sporadic-e season too.

The paper shows digital transmissions and voice with 4w FM plus radio controlled aircraft, also possible radio controlled cars too.

It also shows the besonderheiten (particularities) being the UK40 channels with its MPT1320 analog UK27/81 band plan.

It also mentions local FM CB traffic 2760125-2799125 in the UK should be unaffected and it’s popular till today.

Maybe it’s time to use the Mid-Block with it’s AM FM & SSB which was fought for a long time…

Please download the document and read it here:

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3 thoughts on “Neuaufstellung Frequenzplan 27.6-28.0 MHz

  1. I like the idea of legally using the so called free band channels above 27,405 MHz here in Germany. So, go ahead with it. Please also SSB.


  2. Diese Frequenzen sind nur in Großbritannien legal, daher kann eine deutsche Gruppe, deren letztes Treffen vor über einem Jahrzehnt stattgefunden hat, so einen Bandplan nicht umsetzen!


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