Alfa Tango Santa Contest

Below we’ve got all the rules directly from the organizer of annual Alfa Tango Christmas contest. This time I’m not taking part for many reasons including “chicken noise” from the local KFC and Chinese twinkly lights from Tesco. Good luck to all those taking part!!

The 2019 Santa Contest will be all of December.
Object is to be first to work, All or the Most of the Santa Stations.

A special Santa card will be printed!
Winners will receive a Special Plaque.

Just send your logs, with $2 contribution to the Manager:

PO BOX 151
Montreat, N.C. 28757


No need to send cards! Just send your log.
Or you can email me your log and send contribution by PayPal. which is

Make sure and include your Call and Address when you email & use PayPal…

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