Aha Harrison II Again

Christmas time radios and wine! So in the last six days an amazing amount of traffic about the Harrison II coming at Christmas 2019. Two emails from dealers even. I’m luckily in the position to say “I haven’t heard a single rumor, leak, conversation” about this being true. Absolutely nothing!

Currently at this time of the year I’d say more hopes are on offer than radios released. Yes I’d love to see the Harrison II as I’ve two Maycom President Harrison boxed here but in current climate NON not needed.

Saying that President are sneaky. They work quietly, they work diligently so anything could happen that’s also a reality too. Even if was the plan they’d not tell anyone unless it was 100% ready to go. But so far NO news heard here at all.

But lots of AM/FM radios out now. It would need something extra woow with it too.

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