CB & Free banding Is it Bad?”Video”

Thanks Calum for the mention it’s very kind of you.. I’m delighted to promote your YouTube as it’s an exceptionally good resource, level headed comments and great information about antennas and operating practice. It’s a fact Ham v CB has escalated over the years and it’s portrayed as good versus evil in some cases via chat forums and other media’s. I agree with your comments and I’m delighted to share the link to the video below! Keep up the good work. For those who’ve moaned at me for featuring Calum before I don’t understand why? His videos, manner, explanations, radio install video and /P operations are superb. That’s it!

CB Radio, Ham Radio can and should always try to get along. No matter which hobby, no matter how you’ve entered that hobby enjoy it. Whether you get on the hills, sit in shacks, build aerials, buy aerials. It truly doesn’t matter. Most of all enjoy keying the mike and making contacts however close or far away.

Link To Video Please Click: https://youtu.be/g8QNduFxlHE

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  1. Exactly ham radio and CB it’s all radio ,there is bad in CB and there is bad in the ham radio, in my group we mix and it’s ok ,My self I am a ham to but I like 70cm and CB and pmr and there is the challenge,see how far you can get on the CB then on 70cm and then PMR, it’s all radio and every one should enjoy it no matter what you use, might even look at 4m as when the days are down it’s the same on 4m but the contacts are out there, enjoy your hobby and we should mix we have toget on.


  2. Hello Simon, thanks for the mention. I’m just making a video “How to get into CB Radio 27MHz” and I was going to feature your site as an excellent resource which is why I popped along here to check the link – and spotted your mention! Haha. G’luck radio friend. Callum.


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