Truman’s “Crinkled” Top

Email from Dustin asking the blog to comment on whether the Truman below is made in Vietnam OR like recent “crap” as he calls it manufactured in China. Firstly his words are a little harsh as the Chinese made stuff isn’t crap generally. Remember the following words “Your price my quality! My price your quality” In simple terms quality costs! So without anyone to ask in my opinion the Truman will be Uniden made in Vietnam. I think President has made some cosmetic changes as photos show but my guess and you’ll need to ask your reseller. In my humble opinion origin is the same as earlier version of the same model.

And the older Truman below

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2 thoughts on “Truman’s “Crinkled” Top

  1. I own 2 President Trumans! – I bought them from Knights CB on a special offer which is currently on @ £69.50 each reduced from £109. They are both Crinkle top design and both are made in Vietnam / Uniden. My Grant 2 Premium and also my Mckinley are also made in Vietnam by Uniden. The President Truman is a great no nonsense back to basics radio with a very good receive. I have also had very positive reports on the output audio as “clear, loud and punchy”. Unlike some of the newer President models that don’t variables inside the radio to optimise performance – these radios are adjustable and so Knights on their pre delivery service are able to ensure that they are optimised straight out the box! The Truman power output is 4 Watts so perfect if you want to use it with a KL203 and the like… Quality wise the Truman feels solid and well made.


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