Mc Kinley EU Service Manual & Story

An interesting addition to the blog. I was sent this some months ago from Portugal but never added it till now. Took a long while. Actually I received a badly worded email from Balaruc about my description of the Anytone AT500m. It seems my words went down like a lead balloon. BUT it’s a poor state when you can’t say “how a radio behaves and features it has is like a President” Facts are facts! Even uses the bloody roger bleep the same.

Watch the video at time 1 minute 41 Seconds:

As a blog we promote the hobby. The good, the bad, the ugly and the utter crap! Always have done. We outed the Bill with bad channel numbers against frequencies. I’ve 3 of these turds. In export mode useless. Some with A channels missing, and god knows what. Outed The FXCB, have three and all are used to keep doors open as failed quickly.


Asked in Balaruc about change firmware etc on Bill. NO REPLY Hmm not nice.

Uniden Man in Europe Blocked Me on social media. Not a nice gesture either. But doesn’t like to read either my opinion or maybe read any customer feedback. Shame really as he is a legend for the CB community.

Back to Mc Kinley: I’ve two of them, early serial numbers and my excitement finally turned to frustration over the months. Tested them both on an RM-KL703 and sound awful over the air. Tried on a B550P same result, tested in EU mode on SSB with a KL203P and normal 203 and sounds rubbish. Only FM and AM it sounds fine. So €600 of radios now sleep boxed. Ask in France of course rude people and don’t reply. Not even a fuck off Simon comes back. Rude and not caring. But challenge the euro and they’ll write quickly back I’m sure. Ask any dealer and the same bullshit answer “People use them only in legal mode” so it shouldn’t have the export features then? BUT a dealer in Spain confirmed the same issue on a customer model. Whether true or not nobody can say.

So why upload the manual? Darren and Kevin in the UK, Henk in the Netherlands and also Jerzy in Poland asked me for help. Mc Kinley’s apparently not behaving, dealers telling warranty lost as export modified. Seems I’m the only man who listens and feels the need to help. And I know your feelings guys! I’m treated as a piece of shit a lot too. Same hobby, same experience even when doing the right thing it’s the wrong thing. Wait till 2020 and I’ve a story about sponsorship I’ll tell you about… From another time and place.


Other Facts Please Read:

Tested V3 Lincoln II, President Bill, President Jackson II, President Harry II, President Henry ASC, President Martin, President Lincoln 1, President Jackson old version, Anytone 5555 and Anytone 6666 on KL703, KL503HD, KL203/P with power turned down, Zetagi B300P and B550P and with no audio issues noted at all. So I did my due diligence and tested on multiple radios, power supplies and antennas.

Also we need to remember President is a B2B (Business 2 Business) and not B2C (Business 2 Customer) and maybe is not customer facing. Who knows…

Enjoy the manual 🧙‍♀️

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10 thoughts on “Mc Kinley EU Service Manual & Story

  1. Can you confirm exactly the issue you are running into with the McKinley EU? If I purchase one and convert it where do you experience the bad sounding audio? Just when RF power is turned down? Any ideas on a fix?


    • My issue is with amplifiers. Tested on KL503HD and also KL703 with high drive input and it sounds garbled. In EU mode it’s fine with 12w input on SSB from KL203. Ive tested on Zetagi too in extended mode and still sounds weird. Two weeks ago I’ve sent the amplifier to RM (KL503HD) and asked them to check it out for me. But Christmas time so no news till January end of month I’d guess.

      A guy in UK told me he’s the same issue when used at 15w export power (maximum is 18-20 watts) on a high drive Texas Star amplifier.

      Fix? Nobody agrees it’s an issue as I know. When used 20 watts and no amplifier it sounds fine and well. And when you get it

      Turn the RF Gain down to 3 or 4 lines
      Tone -3 Base and +2 Treble

      Makes it sound excellent on receive.


  2. Thank you for the update Simon. I was going to order a McKinley EU these to bring to the US for review since I love the US version but it sounds like it may not be worth the time. I know they used a different board which is too bad since the US version has been one of the best radios I’ve ever reviewed.


    • It’s a really different beast to USA version (I’ve got USA version too) in my opinion USA version best radio out there today PERIOD. EU version gets hot due to the hidden stuff but running it in EU format it works brilliantly well. I think you’d regret not trying one.. I’d say side by side covering same 40 channels they are exceptionally close!


  3. Hi Simon, thank you very much for uploading and providing this. This is always a big help for technicians like me who don’t have direct access to technical documentation from dealers or manufacturers. I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. Lothar/Germany


    • Hi Lothar. It’s with a heavy heart I uploaded this. I wanted some repairmen to have the documents to help a few people who’ve had modified radios and now experience a few difficulties.

      I don’t like to add these files truly, but if it helps people who feel not helped by dealers then it’s something.

      I’m the last row of defense to be shouted at it seems.

      Very Happy Christmas from the blog team and we await more of your excellent and informative videos to come online

      Best 73 🧙‍♀️


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