Wizard Needs Helping Hand (Part2)

When I was re re joining AT in the mid to late 90’s there was a guy in Prague who helped me so much. We met up, shared beers and the like and I’d like to try and find him if at all possible. The trouble is he’s not been spotted on clusters so to speak since around 2002 and I can’t find his house on trips these times as simple can’t remember where he was. Well I know the area, not the street (my old age)

329AT106 Mr Tom, this was his old card, he was a zero number when I knew him or had just got a zero number. He was a truck driver, loved his family and his hobby. We made some great contacts together as they say “back in the day” I just want to know if anyone knows if he moved, or passed away or whatever as he seems to have stopped radio quickly. I’ve asked in Asti and around and found out nothing at all. Post Box doesn’t exist and other members in those times have also passed away now too.

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