Antennas On The House

People who know me and I mean REALLY know me understand my location is QRM central. It’s close to a big supermarket which sells TV and has loads of LED, cheaper Chinese chargers and the like. It’s also not high in the air. At around 150m ASL / 450Ft to the tip of the antenna. With that in mind below are the antennas that have been used this year at the house.


Hawkins Radio 5/8 and Special Hawkins Radio “Polish” 1/2 tuned for 26.0Mhz

Extreme Antennas Live Wire 5/8, Live Wire 1/2 and T2LT

Sirio Gain Master 5/8 and Sirio Gain Master 1/2

Sigma Eurocomm 5/8 and 1/2

Imax 2000 (Actually worked badly here)

Jarek 161AT080 Bambi Quad <> for special contacts

What’s been used the most? To be absolutely honest I use the Himalaya WB most of all from President. Disadvantages are it’s smaller at around 5.5m so hardly is above the roof. Which is good also for neighbors not to see it. The kicker for me is that I can use it from 25-30 MHz and even made a few contacts in the summer on 31 MHz SW band on a Midland radio. Screw it together, add mast and coax and BOOM on air! But would be nice if they’d made a 5/8 or similar version of it. But of course €€ will stop it from happening I suppose.

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One thought on “Antennas On The House

  1. We understand the noise we have the noise to, we are 300ft ask but in a valley, so north to south valley, and it’s hard to get East and west ,on the mass dx 5000 and the 6900 we pick up the crap out there ,but if I use the Amstrad 901 I get less crap pick up, and can hear my young bro on his A99, but he is clear and a good sig, he is high up and in the clear, area but about 5 miles from him is a nice ridge that shoots his Sig up and over me, I hear him , but not strong I can not go higher and he is very high with his antenna, so he gets lots of dx contacts and I get so so north and south but not easy and west I have 1/2 wave silver rod, but if I want to chase dx I go mobile ,my young bro can not drive anymore as loosing his eye sight and it will get worse, but we have the Chan for reg contact, but we take him mobile so he can still enjoy the hobby, but they have replaced all the street lights with led lights and so night time it’s very hard to hear anyone yes there is better antenna for my base station but can not go any higher,but then will pull in more crap that’s out there so I might try ,T2LT on a sota pole and see is it’s better, and keeping the noise out,and the 6900 or the dx5000 a no no so the old 901 works great about Sig 2 of noise, compared to to lots more with newer radios will be looking for older radio with FM AM and Ssb,


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