$129 Taylor FCC

Got a message from the contact form asking me about the Taylor FCC. Questioner wanted to know my opinion about its quality and in what price group I believed it would sit. So direct no bullshit answer. NO WAY can I recommend it! It’s a USA radio and although it can be bought and sent to Europe but cost too high with import duties and taxes etc (to poke around with it) Only place I’ve seen it so far is USA ebay with item number 324034416027

Quality: EU version is good but I’d say expensive for what it can do. USA being only AM it should sound nice with the supplied microphone. But again I don’t know so don’t really recommend it. Current USA Presidents all work well so guess this should too.

Test Mode: You’ve asked me Brent if this radio will have a test mode for adjusting modulation etc. Honest answer it should have, but does it? Don’t know sorry.

If you’ve got a Taylor FCC message me and I’ll pass your thoughts across to Brent. If you’ve made a video please send to me and I’ll add it here quickly if I can.

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