President McKinley EU €249

Nur fur Deutschland Kunden. From 9th January the McKinley EU is now available for €249 from Markus at NeunerFunk. A President price drop? It’s been considerably higher since its release and now drops down to a more reasonable price. This was the price point we mentioned during the latter part of the last decade 🥳


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3 thoughts on “President McKinley EU €249

  1. Hi I am looking to purchase one of these radios but Simon reported his McKinley sounded bad on SSB TX using different amplifiers, do you use yours on SSB with an amp?


    • Yes I did have issues with mine on an amplifier. In EU mode no issues only in extended frequency. Since I’ve wrote that I’ve had 6 people tell me they’ve the same issue as myself and 10 or eleven who’ve told me they’ve no issues at all. So can’t be sure what or if or why.

      Those who had issues were from Germany, Poland and Holland.

      Those who had no issues from UK, Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Portugal and other places.



  2. The McKinley is an excellent radio and very easy to use with Alpha channels already integrated in the expanded mod and zeros at the press of a button. I have had excellent output audio reports as well. Also now available from Knights Electrocom for £249.


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