President Extremo V1 Mike Kit Part II

Now listen to this. Below we’ve got a video from Todde of the new DO6RBA President original microphone. This is the first video and I’ve just watched a video of an all black Yaesu microphone like is used on the FT-450 etc and BOY it was 6 pin President and sounded like it was on a HF radio, sharp, well driven and strong! Ralf has very kindly sent me his email address and so if you want to know it and know more about the microphone then drop me a message via the contact form.

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5 thoughts on “President Extremo V1 Mike Kit Part II

  1. Ja das “Blechelchen” noch als Einfassung.
    Hab ja nicht Deine Arbeit kritisiert,wollte damit nur sagen warum in den Mikes nicht bessere Akustik möglich ist..
    Kostet doch nicht viel….


  2. You can only hear the difference with an audio recording.
    Test modulation in your own room with 2 devices only with headphones ……
    And something else.
    Electrified capsules are not only available from Beyer, Panasonic’s are even better and more sensitive.
    Cost 10 pieces about 12 euros ….

    Also fit in the opening and have wire with soldering tags, you don’t need to fry on the capsule ….
    Anyway, I always wonder why you don’t install good capsules directly and adapt the housing to the acoustics (and not vice versa)



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