Automatic Antenna Switching Box €85

Made in Germany! This time we’ve an automatic antenna switching box that can run two radios from one antenna. So maybe CB or Freenet in the case of the Sirio that works different frequencies or simply just two CB on one antenna. So can be listening on 27 MHz and also somewhere at the same time. As far as I know 20 are available at the moment.

To buy one you’ll need to make contact to Ralf

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2 thoughts on “Automatic Antenna Switching Box €85

  1. Should be just fine for two antennas from one radio but be careful running two radios into one antenna. The voltage from the radio generating RF will still reach the other radio by leakage and potentially nuke it’s front end especially with a small relay unit like this has. The best switching units have a shorting of unused radio facility which this doesn’t appear to have.


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