MACO Y Quad 2 Element €390

Two emails from Poland independently and from completely different areas telling me about the antenna above. The people who’ve wrote to me were delighted that MACO is now easier to get as its in Europe. A dealer in the Netherlands is advertising it and they’ve asked me to add it to the blog. SO! It’s here

Boom Length: 183 cm (6 feet)
Boom OD: 3,8 cm ( 1.5 inches)
Number of Elements: 4
Longest Radius: 533 cm (17,5 feet)
Turn Radius: 244 cm (8 feet)
Wind Load/Surface Area: 0,362 m2 (3.9 sq.ft)
Wind Survival: 135 Km/h (90 Miles)
Tuning: 11 Meters 
Gain in dB: 11
Power Multiplication: 14x
Front-to-Back Separation: 25-30 dB
VSWR adjustable: 1.1:1
Weight: 6,8 Kg (15 Pounds)

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