COVID19 CB Talk “Italian Group”

News from the MidlandEurope CB talk community. In the areas of Italy where this virus is spreading badly there is a talking place online to share thoughts etc. You can download the app from either Android Play Store or the App Store on iOS. I’ve taken a listen and indeed it’s buzzing busy on there.

Midland Community!

As you probably know, by the last couple of weeks we are facing a very particular situation in Italy due to the recent Corona Virus pandemic.

In order to help Italian people to share information about logistics and transportations in the so called Red Areas, measures and restrictions in the targeted towns or to simply communicate the point of view about the whole thing, we created the 24/7 dedicated channel COVID19 on the CB Talk Midland App for all Italians!

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  1. Thanks Simon.
    More, I’m thinking, about a SHTF scenario (sorry).

    Does this app work with mobile phone repeaters or something? If the grid went down, or mobile networks were off, or unavailable, is there ‘normal’ comms equipment that does exactly this sort of thing anyway?


    • App works via WiFi or LTE/4G/3G

      If mobiles die and internet dies then it’s CB or Ham Radio as this app and the dual Mike (case of dual Mike is CB and also internet enabled via Bluetooth)

      So: CB Talk needs internet to work


  2. This app is amazing!
    What sort of equipment do I need to do this outside of my iPhone app? Ham? CB? SSB?



    • You can use it with a CB radio with purchase of Midland Dual Mike. It has one connection to use on the CB and another PTT to use it on the application with data connection and Bluetooth from the telephone to the application


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