Here Comes The V3 Beast!

So directly from the message from Todde comes the beast that I guess now sits on his table. And like with all beasts it has a long name! So, breath in! The radio is called Todde’s CRT6900n Ultimo V3 AKE Edition. And below we’ve got a list of the modifications that I’ve learned of at the moment. BUT maybe they are just some of them!

ERF 2030+ With 90 watts and more output power

Max Mod Installed

Murata Filter

Six Pin microphone adaptation with programming of the radio

Signal meter socket

And guess maybe more?

Let’s wait and see what Ralf (the maker) or Todde (the user) has to say!

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2 thoughts on “Here Comes The V3 Beast!

  1. Hello Simon, here is some information about the CRT6900n Ultimo V3 AKE Edition incl.MicProg Module 2020 – V1 – 6 Pol GDCH

    This CRT SS 6900 is something special. Numerous ideas were implemented here.

    The board on the device (picture 3) is the so-called Mike-Prog module. Here a 6-pin micro socket was installed with GDCH. At the same time, the device can be programmed directly via this socket using a special USB cable.

    The second really new thing is that a connection for the AKE was installed in the device. I can only say it works great.

    I am happy to answer any questions.

    Ralf DO6RBA


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