Breathing Budapest

A few friends have asked what it’s like in Budapest at the moment? The answer is that it is quite eerie. No tourists and ultimately not many people around. The quarantine is going quite well as the people know the rules and most obey without troubles. The elderly are allowed food shopping 9-12 and then the rest 12-15 and most things are available. The skies are almost empty and the city is on the flight path to Turkey, plus charter flights not happening of course. Some have asked me when I think it will end as they want to visit for holidays, or visit Lake Balaton and the rest. The answer is simple not in the near future I think. Tomorrow we’ve a face mask compulsory wearing starting. Shops, buses, shopping centers (some open 9-3) and onwards we go. Wherever you are and whatever your circumstances remember to be safe and take notice of the rules.

Borders are closed, can only head to UK and nowhere else as it’s illegal under countries states of emergency.

DHL, FedEx, DPD, UPS, TNT Delivering as before overnight from most countries

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One thought on “Breathing Budapest

  1. it is a great shame to see a great city like Budapest
    On lock down but Hungary has got it right. Lets hope it’s not forever ………


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