*CB Antenna* Optim CB-2001

This time from Russia this time about an antenna that looks a little like the Lemm AT-2001. This new antenna comes from Optim which is very well known and in the past had an antenna that passed more than a small resemblance to the Stryker A10. Below we’ve got a few photos and a video link. I was told that this antenna is a true clone of the original Lemm but the best news news it’s 50% cheaper and works the same! Not great to advertise in my opinion.

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3 thoughts on “*CB Antenna* Optim CB-2001

    • Ciao Giovanni. Hope your safe and well. I’ve translated maybe badly the comments for those who want to know.

      The optima is made much better without rivets and is welded on the 2 ends


  1. Some of the parts looks better made then the original
    Antenna but the tips to water proof are a great idea ,let’s see how they stand up to the winter weather and the price is good let’s hope it’s a good copy and not a crap copy


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