Ailunce HS2 HF VHF UHF SDR Transceiver

News this time from Rob PE9PE whose the man behind a lot of the ham radio news here. It’s with his kindness that he sends it across to me via Skype. I write this as I’m busy with CB stuff and literally loads of emails. Rob finds awesome stuff and just look at this Ailunce HS2 below for example! So my thanks to him as always. You find the best information.

Function Feature:

  1. Real-time spectrum.
  2. Waterfall chart.
  3. Doppler frequency tracking(under development).
  4. Using software-defined radio technology (SDR), full-band support SSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM.
  5. Double frequency conversion circuit structure.
  6. IF width and IF shift hardware and software can be modified to provide powerful IF interference suppression.
  7. DSP digital noise reduction.
  8. Built-in 160-6m high-speed automatic antenna tuner.
  9. Built-in electronic key controller, all parameters can be set flexibly.
  10. Built-in sound card with IQ and audio output.
  11. Built-in FLASH memory(under development).
  12. USB TYPEC3.1 interface for power supply and computer connection.
  13. 13. High accuracy TXCO ± 0.5ppm (-10-60 ).
  14. 14. Ultra-wide working voltage range: 5-32VDC.
  15. Power Reversed Polarity Connection Protection
  16. Built-in GPS / Beidou, GSM, electronic compass (acceleration, angle sensor) (optional)
  17. GPS time (requires optional GPS module).
  18. Built-in UTC clock.
  19. Voltage display.
  20. Unique LORA data transmission (requires optional LORA module).
  21. Ultra-light weight: ≤1KG
  22. Built-in network port, support remote firmware upgrade(under development). information above

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