*News* Team FX-CB Man Pack

Designed and built by Hartmut in Germany it OF course needed to be shown here to the greater radio world. It’s my belief that these can be made to order and I’ll give a brief description of this pack. Better that they are in the words of the maker so here we go below!

Sodele…. the old man made again…. a team CB-FX formed the foundation for a manpack…. with two microphones / field phones…. a 7,2 Ah battery was installed…. the front panel The FX is lower ūüėČ I recreated a Firestick, measured…. and equipped as a rod antenna with PL connector….
Of course, after my game time, this device is for sale again…. new devices were used without exception…. included…
Permanent charger,
DC voltage lines for Batt clamps, auto zig. Nr. , banana plug;
a 1/4 wave radial set…
and of course the H250 field phone for the Kenwood Norm on the radio…
is offered at the cost price… the procurement costs…. plus. Shipping & Return

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